• Make-up brushes

    Discover our complete range of makeup brushes. Whether for your foundation, favorite eyeshadow, or a bold brow look, we have the perfect brush for every beauty need.

  • Make-up brushsets

    ZOEVA brush sets are the perfect addition to your makeup kit. Uniquely stylish and available in various shapes, sizes, and functions, they are designed to make all your beauty dreams come true.

  • Make-up brushkits

    Only the best for you! Discover our popular brush kits at a special price, featuring iconic brushes we have curated for you. Additionally, each kit comes with a stylish ZOEVA Clear Pouch Bag.

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Meet our founder Zoe Boikou and learn more about the story behind ZOEVA.

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Our sisterhood says

  • Everyone deserves to discover their own unique beauty and be loved for it.

  • Our products offer everyone worldwide an affordable sense of luxury and elegance.

  • We are a sisterhood where every voice is equal, because: Only together are we strong.

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